Seeking Regenerative Business Advisory Board Members

Help us find the right people for our Regenerative Business Advisory Board!

This year marks our 10th year in business, and as always, it continues to evolve. With new opportunities ahead of us, we’re seeking a 2-3 experienced, professional and forward-thinking people to sit on our Regenerative Business Advisory Board and help us manage that growth.

You will work with us quarterly to help define & advance strategic priorities.

That’s a commitment to 4 meetings a year on a non-binding but professional Business Advisory Board.

A few things about our business & ethos:

  • We lead a wide range of projects from edible landscape renovations, urban permaculture designs, regenerative farm planning, and keyline agroforestry establishment
  • We are a family business (husband + wife + 5-year-old), currently operating with 2-3 additional employees (full-time + seasonal)
  • We have a ‘Hatchet & See Holistic Context’ document that guides our decisions
  • We are fully insured and licensed
  • We have a bookkeeper and accountant and are financially sound
  • While the business is growing steadily each year, we’re not seeking growth for the sake of growth
  • Our business is designed to produce ‘quality of life’ for all involved

People we’re looking for:

  • 10+ years of small business/entrepreneurial experience (preferably in local food systems, restaurant industry, farming/market gardening, non-profit food systems)
  • a strong connection to Vancouver Island, BC
  • a passion for: living with a low ecological footprint; local food; & systems change
  • ability to assess and advise on strategic planning objectives
  • a balance of entrepreneurial creativity, systems thinking and fiscal prudence
  • someone who can meet at our co-working space once a quarter in Victoria, BC (4 meetings/year)
  • pre and post-meeting emails/phone calls/research

Compensation to be discussed. Please share if you know anyone who would be a good fit.

Please write to us at [email protected] by February 15th if you’re interested and include a half-page description of your context/interest.


Tayler & Solara




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