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Hatchet & Seed

is an edible landscaping & ecological land design business based in Victoria, BC.

We provide on the ground services throughout the CRD & Southern Gulf Islands as well as remote, e-consulting throughout the province (using screen-share, phone and video-conference technology).

We are a family business, that specializes in creating landscapes that produce food, medicine and fodder; increase soil carbon; foster bio-diversity and absorb and store water. 

In the city, that means edible landscapes, home/community micro-orchards and kitchen gardens. On farmland, that means promoting perennial, low-carbon agriculture with emphasis on multi-functional tree crops, soil health and holistic water management.

We now live in a co-housing situation with our friends, mentors and colleagues Gord & Ann Baird, of Eco-Sense. Over the last 7 years, they have built an amazing cob-home surrounded by edibles landscapes & gardens. If you haven't seen their work, check it out here: www.eco-sense.ca.  


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About Us

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Solara Goldwynn


 With a BA in Environmental Studies and Anthropology, I see regenerative agriculture as a key strategy for environmental & cultural wellbeing. My background as a tree-planter helped to establish a strong work ethic, and gave me first hand experience of unsustainable forestry practices in British Columbia and Alberta. Being exposed to un-ethical, thoughtless design practices gave me the drive to pursue a career in Permaculture. 


Year-Round Harvest with Linda Gilkenson (2017)
Introduction to Business Management - uVic (2013)
B.A. Anthropology & Environmental Studies - University of Victoria (2012)

Permaculture Design Certificate (72 hr) - Living Mandala’s Holistic PDC (2008)
On-Farm Permaculture Design Certificate (210 hr) - Seven Ravens  (2012) 

Tayler - headshot

Tayler Krawczyk

I grew up on the prairies of Saskatchewan with a keen interest in how ecosystems work.

After a degree in International Development Studies and 5 years working in the forestry and silviculture industry (Canada + UK) I decided to focus my career on the intersection between 'human development' and ecosystem health. 

Since then, I've been working at building my hands-on skills in the fields of organic horticulture, agroforestry and permaculture.

In 2010, I moved to Victoria, BC to pursue further education & experience. These days, after having spent 5 years engaging day-to-day with plants and living systems, I'm honing my skills as a small business owner and project manager.

B.A. Honors in International Development Studies (2008)
Permaculture Design Certificate - Pacific Permaculture (2010)
Organic Master Gardener's Certificate - Gaia College - (2010)
Soil Food Web - Compost & Compost Tea Analysis (2010)
Ecological Landscape Design Certificate - Gaia College (2011)
Permaculture Homestead Design Certificate - Southwoods  (2011)
Fundamentals of Project Management - Royal Roads University (2013)
CANARM Rainwater Management Certificate (2013)
The Regrarians Open Consultancy - Darren Doherty, Oregon  (2014)
REX Farm Design Program (2017)


Our Team

We have a well-developed network of other designers, green builders, arborists, machine operators, plant propagators and landscape professionals that we work with when needed. Staff & regulars subcontractors include:



Tim Windle

Tim has more than 8 years of experience working in landscape horticulture. 

Besides his experience in the industry, Tim has received formal education & training from the Pacific Horticulture College (Red Seal Horticulturalist), Gaia College (Organic Land Care Specialist), Soil Food Web Inc (Compost Tea Brewing & Testing), Canadian Association for Rainwater Management & Seven Ravens Permaculture Academy (Permaculture Design Certificate). He is also always experimenting in his own home food garden!


Gord Baird

Gord Baird


Gord Baird is the co-creator of Eco-Sense, located in Victoria, BC.  Ten years ago he left the business world and set out to build a sustainable home and lifestyle with his new wife Ann, and over that time has become a well versed generalist in regenerative systems integrating solar PV, solar thermal, mechanical, rain water, grey water, living roofs, food forest nursery and green building through hands on experience,  scientific research, and policy work. Gord and his wife Ann walk the talk of a regenerative life style, and work to use their success and failures to inspire others.  


Mark benson - Excavator

Mark Benson

Downey Road Equipment Service

Mark Benson provides the lions share of our machine work at Hatchet & Seed.

Equipment includes:
- 425 Zero Tail-Swing Bobcat Mini-Excavator with rubber tracks c/w hydraulic thumb, and two quick change buckets; a 50hp Kubota tractor, 48'' rotovator, 48'' mower with mulching deck, 60'' brush cutter, 60'' front end loader, post pounder, rear grading blade.

Wildlife ponds, swales, french drains, rock walls, grading, tractor work, you name it, Mark's our guy! 

Past Clients

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We have experience with a wide variety of projects, from garden and edible landscape installations, to project management and farm design.