About Us

About Us

Hatchet & Seed

is an edible landscaping & ecological landscape design business based in Victoria, BC.

We are a family-owned & operated business, that specializes in creating landscapes that produce food, medicine and fodder; increase soil carbon; foster bio-diversity and absorb and store water.

In the city, that means edible landscapes, home/community micro-orchards and kitchen gardens. On farmland, that means promoting perennial, low-carbon agriculture with emphasis on multi-functional tree crops, soil health and holistic water management.

We assemble & lead crews of experienced designers, organic landscapers, tree-planters, machine operators, permaculturalists & green builders to create edible organic landscapes.


We serve Greater Victoria, the Saanich Peninsula, the Southern Gulf Islands, as well as design consulting throughout Vancouver Island.


Our Team

solara - headshot

Solara Goldwynn

With a BA in Environmental Studies and Anthropology, I see regenerative agriculture as a key strategy for environmental & cultural wellbeing. My background as a tree-planter helped to establish a strong work ethic, and gave me first hand experience of unsustainable forestry practices in British Columbia and Alberta. Being exposed to un-ethical, thoughtless design practices gave me the drive to pursue a career in Permaculture.

Tayler - headshot

Tayler Krawczyk

I grew up on the prairies of Saskatchewan with a keen interest in how ecosystems work.

After a degree in International Development Studies and 5 years working in the forestry and silviculture industry (Canada + UK) I decided to focus my career on the intersection between 'human development' and ecosystem health.

Since then, I've been working at building my hands-on skills in the fields of organic horticulture, agroforestry and permaculture.

In 2010, I moved to Victoria, BC to pursue further education & experience. These days, after having spent 5 years engaging day-to-day with plants and living systems, I'm honing my skills as a small business owner and project manager.



Tim Windle

Tim has over years of experience working in landscape horticulture.

Besides his experience in the industry, Tim has received formal education & training from the Pacific Horticulture College (Red Seal Horticulturalist), Gaia College (Organic Land Care Specialist), Soil Food Web Inc (Compost Tea Brewing & Testing), Canadian Association for Rainwater Management & Seven Ravens Permaculture Academy (Permaculture Design Certificate). He is also always experimenting in his own home food garden!

We also have working relationships with other sub-tradespeople - designers, green builders, arborists, machine operators, plant propagators and landscape professionals - that we call in if your project requires. 

Our Training

Red Seal Horticulture Training - Horticulture Centre of the Pacific
Organic Master Gardener's Certificate - Gaia College
Ecological Landscape Design Certificate - Gaia College
Year-Round Harvest with Linda Gilkenson
Soil Food Web - Compost & Compost Tea Analysis
Permaculture Design Certificate - Pacific Permaculture
Permaculture Design Certificate - Living Mandala’s Holistic PDC
On-Farm Permaculture Design Certificate (210 hr) - Seven Ravens
B.A. Anthropology & Environmental Studies - University of Victoria
B.A. Honours in International Development Studies - University of Saskatchewan
Permaculture Homestead Design Certificate - Southwoods
CANARM Rainwater Management Certificate
REX Open Consultancy - Darren Doherty, Regrarians, Oregon
REX Farm Design Program - Darren Doherty, Regrarians
Introduction to Business Management - uVic
Fundamentals of Project Management - Royal Roads University

Past Clients