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Our Expertise

That's right, landscaping, but with food plants! Edible landscapes can be highly rewarding and provide a great opportunity for a lifestyle shift. With an edible landscape, you'll be encouraged to spend more time outside, harvesting, processing and snacking. With the help of our sub-contractor network, we offer full-service landscaping from concept to completion to maintenance.

  • Goals Assessment + Site Analysis
  • Mapping + Landscape Design
  • Water Management: Catchment, Storage, Overflow & Irrigation 
  • Organic Soil Building & Mineral Amendments
  • Landscape Carpentry: Edible Arbors & Trellis'
  • Small Hardscapes: Water Features + Rock Work + Edible Patios
  • Orchard/Garden Planting + Maintenance

We help farmers, developers, architects and planners harmonize with nature to create resilient habitat. Food and water security are possible in a changing climate, but require cooperation with nature and judicious planning. We believe multi-functional tree crops and high-carbon soils are the answer to a stable climate & vibrant ecology.


  • On-Site Consulting & Surveying
  • Integrated Water Management: Balancing Drainage & Retention
  • Agro-Forestry Design
  • Pre-Property Purchase Assessment
  • Permaculture Design & Edible Landscaping Workshops
  • Agro-Forestry: Keyline Plowing, Bed Forming & Tree Planting
  • Facilitated Design Charrettes

Getting Started

To get started, all projects start with an email and/or a phone call. We offer free phone consultation to talk about your project and decide on the best way forward.

We always start with your context and goals. There is no limit to what can be done on the landscape, but your context will set some crucial design parameters for us to work within.

It is a good idea to consider your project goals and budget early on. Ask yourself,"what needs to be improved as a result of this project?" and
"how much am I willing to invest over the next year to meet my goals?"


On Pricing

Few people like discussing money, but let's do it.

Most projects typically start on an 'hourly-rate' + materials basis. That can vary between $40- $75 / hr depending on the service-type being delivered.

Billable hours can include: project management, teaching & presenting, design, consulting, landscape carpentry, irrigation installation, fruit tree pruning & care, labor, machinery & equipment time.

Each project is unique and we will propose a way forward based on your context & budget. 

We carry $1M liability insurance and are fully covered under WCB.


Not Sure Where to Start?

Every project is unique, and it may not be immediately clear where to begin. Start by giving us a call or e-mail, and we can give you guidance and feedback on where to begin.

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We are an edible landscaping & regenerative project consulting team based in North Saanich, BC

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