Biological Sprays & Fertilizers for Your Organic Garden & Fruit Trees

Biological Sprays & Fertilizers for Your Organic Garden & Fruit Trees

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Greater Victoria, BC

Do your veggies, berries and fruit trees need a boost of organic fertilizer and biological life this growing season?


You may want our help, or at least these free DIY resources for boosting your garden!


A biologically active soil ecosystem, as well as diversity of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, enzymes and fatty acids are the key to healthy plants. Just like the soil (and our skin & gut), plant leaves are also meant to be covered in beneficial micro-organisms. Nature fills voids by default - so if there are open niches on plant leaves, parasitic fungi and moulds could take over and cause disease. 


How To Achieve Optimum Plant Health?


Backyard gardeners who make several yards of diverse compost every year will typically ensure holistic plant health without sprays & imports. For those who need an outside boost, there are regionally-sourced liquid fertilizers and bio-stimulants available that can ensure that your plants have maximum nutrient diversity & availability.

With a professional grade backpack sprayer (never used for herbicides or pesticides), we offer the highest quality immune boosting sprays, both for soil and as a foliar feed.

Here is what we offer and how it helps your garden & fruit trees:

  • actively aerated compost tea is a 6 hour brew that uses different home-made composts (fish, yard waste, worm) as well as forest soil to breed billions of beneficial organisms that can then be sprayed onto your garden as an inoculant. It is less a fertilizer and more of a biological inoculant. Consider it sauerkraut for your garden! More info here.
  • effective micro-organisms (EM) is similar to compost tea, but uses a host of beneficial organisms that can tolerate anaerobic conditions, meaning they can survive in a bottle and do not need to be aerated. More info here.
  • liquid fish emulsion provides nitrogen that is immediately bio-available for plants and soil organisms alike. Perfect for spring and summer to get your plants and soil eco-system moving and shaking. More info here.
  • sea mineral (SeaCrop) contains 80 trace elements that maintain diversity in the soil and on plant leaf surface. More info here.
  • liquid kelp is a mineral fertilizer that provides plants and the soil ecosystem with trace elements that may have been leached out through the winter.  More info here.


Why not do it yourself?

We encourage DIY sprays and liquid fertilizers.

If you have a small garden, these can all be applied with a simple watering can. Here are some resources to get you started, as well as some homemade leachates and sprays. It is not always necessary to bring in outside inputs if you have a strong commitment and some time on your hands. 


DIY Liquid Fertilizers, by Mark Krawczyk (no relation to me, believe it or not)

Organic Gardener's Pantry - retail source in Victoria, BC for excellent home garden products-

Organic Fertilizer Overview -

DIY Diluted Urine & Herbal Teas:

The holistic orchard spray that we follow for unhealthy fruit trees:

Video on How to Create Liquid Worm Leachate by Eco-Sense:


Need help?

If you want the best for your garden/farm/orchard but don't have the time for the DIY approach, you may want our help! 

Our professional backpack sprayer has a precision nozzle that gets beneficial micro-organisms and organic fertilizers onto hard to reach places, like fruit tree canopies. It can also apply a very fine mist for uniform coverage. It works to fertilize gardens efficiently as well as as boost tree & shrub health.

Depending on the growth stage of your plants and whether it is a small veggie garden or a heritage orchard, we tailor the bio-stimulant and fertilizer mix to your situation.


Let us know if you want us to give your garden a nutrient boost. Rates start at $95/hr, including fertilizer inputs. Most small gardens can be done in an hour; big gardens and larger trees can take more time. We offer contract rates for broad acre orchards.

cordon apple
Pest free apples are worth the extra effort.
We follow organic orchardist Michael Phillips' Holistic Orchard Spray for trees in need.
We follow organic orchardist Michael Phillips' Holistic Orchard Spray for trees in need.
Forest garden bounty.
Forest garden bounty.
We use high quality organic fertilizers and biological stimulants.
We use high quality organic fertilizers and biological stimulants.

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