Edible Landscape Design & Concept Planning

“Start with the end in mind” – Stephen Covey

We help develop sound, practical plans for the development of food security infrastructure for your home or acreage.

First, an on-site consultation by a Hatchet & Seed Designer will focus on matching your food-growing goals to your landscape’s potential.

We come prepared with a range of tools to help show you what is possible with your space. This includes a drone for an aerial photograph (if requested), soil probe, layout stakes, and a digital portfolio of edible landscaping elements that we build.

With our introductory consultation service, we explore possibilities for:

  • intensive raised bed food production
  • greenhouses, cloches & micro-climate creation
  • fruit tree/shrub/cane placement, training, and/or pruning
  • rain gardens & water management system
  • culinary herb & medicinal gardens
  • drip irrigation for food crops
  • post & beam trellising & arbors for fruit crops
  • livestock integration
  • moving into a full design process if needed
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