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  • adapting and building resilience to climate change, while aiming to mitigate the effects of it and maintaining sustainable production.

land·scape de·ve·lop·ment 


  • the practice of improving landscape function for human use, including the establishment & maintenance of earthworks, soils, vegetation & buildings

Want to be ready for for unpredictable changes in climate? We help you identify your goals for resiliency and develop a plan to get there. That is the essense of climate-smart land planning, mitigating the effects of climate change while adapting to its effects. Soil fertility, carbon, trees and water are critical pieces in the puzzle.

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Agro-Forestry: Keyline Plowing, Mounding & Tree Planting

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Climate-smart land planning is about mitigating the impacts of climate change while adapting to its effects.

Land planning is an important step before reaching out for any particular 'technique'. Our process helps to set priorities and move forward in a pragmatic way.

 In order to plan the development and management of land, the many factors that are involved should be related in some logical order. The planning of one aspect cuts across others, so some must have preference. Decisions have to be made on all sorts of apparently conflicting items of land planning. We need also to have an aim or an object, a basic plan.

P.A. Yeomans, the Challenge of Landscape, Chapter IV


Our climate-smart landscape plans

We've done design work for howmeowners, farms and businesses.

Keyline Plowing & Tree Planting

'Keyline plowing' is an important tool in the toolbox that helps re-hydrate the land & deal with compaction on farms and orchards.

Measuring Soil Health

Soil Health

Soil carbon, water management and land productivity are all highly connected. For every 1% increase in soil organic carbon, water storage can rise as much as 144,000 L / hectare; that's 58,000 L / acre!

Perennial Agriculture

By focusing on perennial crops (trees crops and pastured animals), we can actually increase soil carbon while producing food. 

Water Efficiency

Using keyline design, we can harmonize cultivation patterns with natural landscape contours to acheive water efficiency and maximize production.

Preparing for an uncertain future

What we know so far

In 2012, the CRD was part of a research project with the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium, (PCIC), ICLEI Canada and a handful of nearby local governments to develop a regional climate model for the Georgia Basin.

Highlights from the findings include:

  • Extreme temperatures (32°C to 35°C) are projected to occur almost four times as often in future CRD.
  • The amount of precipitation falling during very wet days is projected to increase by 20%; with precipitation during extremely wet days projecting to increase by 25% in CRD.
  • More extreme precipitation events (with 3-hour duration) are projected to occur on average three and a half times as often in future in CRD.
  • There will be fewer Heating Degree Days and a substantial increase in Cooling Degree Days in CRD.

Source: CRD - Climate Indicators

water system

With planning and forethought, your property can mitigate drought, flooding and erosion. Nature abounds with strategies to cope with change, and we can align our farms and properties to these patterns.

Hatchet & Seed offers climate focused design strategies for small, medium and large farms, as well as other types of commercial and residential properties.

Getting Started

The first step is a consultation, where we discuss your goals, ideas, budget and timeline. We have a great deal of experience with this process, and are approachable, easy to talk to, and transparent.

We love to take a creative role, so don't worry if you haven't got it all figured out. We are constantly learning and expanding our skillset and have a network of trained professionals to ensure due diligence.

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