Ness Creek Cold Climate Forest Garden

Project: Ness Creek Cold Climate Forest Garden

The Ness Creek Forest Garden is a 1/4 acre cold climate permaculture forest garden located near Big River, in northern Saskatchewan. In a classically defined zone 1a hardiness zone, the forest garden features various zone 3-4 species. The main design features include a 150,000L pond and terraced rock walls for microclimate creation, a chicken coop that drains nutrients into a water/fertility harvesting swale at the top of the garden, wood chip pathways, a tool shed and much more.

Now managed by an amazing group of festival volunteers and coordinators, the garden was designed and installed in 2010-2012 and was Hatchet & Seed's inaugural project.

Community Tool Shed

The garden tool shed is an essential gathering place for volunteers and forest gardeners!

Cold Climate Perennial Crops

The most successful crops have been haskaps, currants, dwarft sour cherries, but a number of apples, pears and other tree crops have survived as well!

Medicinal Herbs

The garden is also home to a number of medicinal herbs.

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