Keyline Water Management Project

Project: Keyline Water Management Project

We are pleased to announce the “Keyline Water Management: Field Research & Education in the Capital Region” project to implement and monitor the effects of ‘keyline subsoil plowing’ using the Yeomans 6SB subsoil plow on three unique farms in the capital region.

With support from the BC Climate Action Initiative’s Farm Adaptation Innovator Progam, this 3-year project also includes an educational component, with free public seminars and several field days designed to empower farmers to use GIS imaging technology and a simple field contour layout to better understand their farm’s micro-watershed.

The central idea behind ‘Keyline’ water management is to slow, sink and spread rainwater. This is done by distributing excess water towards drier parts of the landscape through conscious cultivation patterns that work with the landscape topography. This has the effect of buffering the natural concentration of water towards valleys and reducing flooding. By minimizing the flow of water from ridges to valleys (using precise plow lines or mounds that fall slightly off contour), we can infiltrate it across the broadest possible area. In this respect, keyline strategies can be both a flood and drought mitigation strategy. ‘Keyline’ water management has to potential to enhance the water efficiency of any existing production system, including pastured livestock, grass production, annual vegetable production and orchard/agro-forestry operations.

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