Colwood Residential Edible Landscape

Project: Colwood Residential Edible Landscape


David Grove & Gwen Snyder's yard is no ordinary suburban lot. Featuring curvy wood chips paths, ferro-cement raised beds, arbors and trellis', a rain garden, a wildlife pond and honeybee hives, this beautiful landscape also hosts dozens of fruit trees, berry bushes, herbs and vegetables. These edible plants are all grown harmoniously together in a quarter acre; productive not only for people, but for birds, bees, insects and more!

Two years ago, this was a grassy weed patch. David & Gwen, who also own Royal Bay Bakery a block away, decided it was time to do something more productive and inspiring with this space. Already accustomed to working withnature (with solar hot water on their roof, solar PV on their bakery and an electric car), they were a perfect fit for us at Hatchet & Seed. And so, we composted the old landscape and grew a new, more productive one in its place!

The rest is history, which continues to grow every year!



Category: Edible Landscape

Clients: David Grove & Gwen Snyder

Partners: Jason Nyberg, Paladins of Gaia (Landscaping) & Jesse Lemieux, Pacific Permaculture (Earthworks Consultant)

On this quarter acre lot, we're growing figs, goumis, grapes, kiwis, apples, mulberries, strawberries, currants, jostas, plums, almonds, peaches,  ollaliberries, raspberries, and a whole host of perennial and annual vegetables!

Blueberry Bioswale

Under Construction.

Harvests water from the roof into bio-sponge made of compost, rotting logs and mulch. 

Blueberry Bioswale


Harvests water from the roof into bio-sponge made of compost, rotting logs and mulch. 

Ferro-Cement Raised Garden Beds

Curvy concrete beds that will last a lifetime.

Wildlife & Honeybee Pond

A pond feature as part of an integrated pest management strategy.

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