Edible Plant Sale – March 26th

Edible Plant Sale – March 26th

Tayler     February 23, 2016    Featured

We're having an edible plant sale, Saturday March 26th!


You're welcome to come walk around our gardens and see a diversity of multi-functional plants. 


Inspired by permaculture, our plants and gardens are meant to be beautiful while functioning like natural ecosystems!


Our micro-nursery focuses on custom-propagated edible perennials. What we do not sell to our edible landscaping clients, we sell at seasonal plant sales. This is our first sale of 2016!


  • fruit-bearing trees/shrubs
       - goji, goumi, autumn olive, fig, elderberry, currants, thornless blackberries
  • medicinal plants
       - comfrey (bocking 14), 
  • tea, culinary & dye plants
       - catmint, chocolate mint, false indigo
  • perennial vegetables & edible tubers
      - earth chestnut, skirret, yacon, pink plume celery, good king henry, chinese artichoke
Please note, we have a limited supply.



Saturday, March 26th, 2016
1pm - 5pm


539 Downey Rd, North Saanich, BC (second driveway, park on road)

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