Permaculture Skills Internship: Feb + March 2017

Permaculture Skills Internship: Feb + March 2017

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Feb.8th, 2016 - The internships have been filled!  Please check back for spring, summer and fall internships! Thank you!


Are you looking to gain hands-on experience/skills in the fields of permaculture & organic gardening?

We (Tayler & Solara) may have a volunteer opportunity for you.
We are seeking 2 interns to come help out at our shared, permaculture-inspired homestead once per week for 8 weeks. We will provide a delicious lunch in exchange for your help!

We've just recently moved into the suite at Eco-Sense, where Gord & Ann Baird have built an amazing cob-home surrounded by edibles landscapes & gardens. If you haven't seen their work, check it out here: We're so thrilled to have the chance to work alongside them, learning & growing! 

Now that we're settled in, we want to make a big positive impact on the land this year, which means rejuvenating some garden beds, building some new ones and sowing some early seeds! We'd love to share the experience with someone who could benefit from the learning opportunity.


  • Starting mid-February
  • Once per week, same day/time
  • Ideally Wednesday from 11am-5pm, but we have flexibility for the right candidate


  • Eco-Sense home, garden & nursery - Highlands, BC, 14km north-west of Victoria
  • This 8.5-acre homestead is shared between 2 families. It is truly a 'stacked polyculture', with many layers of edible gardens. Some features of the landscape include: 
    • Green Building: seismically engineered load bearing insulated cob home + outbuildings; earthen floors, cob pizza oven, natural plasters, passive solar design, living roof
    • Renewable Energy: solar PV with grid tie energy & battery back-up, solar thermal hydronic heating with wood gasification backup
    • Resource Conservation: grey water re-use, waterless (composting) toilets, LED lighting, extensive composting systems
    • Rainwater Harvesting: living roof water harvesting, 10,000 gallon tank storage, 250,000 gallon surface pond
    • Edible Landscapes & Plant Nursery: intensive organic vegetable production, mixed orchard with hundreds of edible, medicinal and otherwise multi-functional plants in the gardens and for sale

What You Can Expect

  1. a fresh lunch each working day
  2. to be involved in the following tasks: sheet mulching, weeding, planting, pruning (lessons provided), potting up nursery plants, propagation, grafting
  3. to learn hands-on skills from experienced organic gardeners and permaculture practitioners
  4. to have fun in a beautiful edible garden + natural building setting
  5. to be treated with respect and dignity
  6. to be given adequate 1 on 1 instruction so as to make the experience highly valuable for a budding permaculturalist
  7. to work on your own at times (or with other intern)
  8. the opportunity to tour other parts of the property and ask questions about the permaculture-inspired systems


What We Expect

  1. a self starting, eager, positive and passionate person who will make the most of this opportunity
  2. someone who is scent-aware (we are a scent free home - no perfume or cologne, no tide or strong smelling laundry detergent) 
  3. one day of physical work per week (it is not boot camp, but gardening is a physical endeavour)
  4. adequate outdoor attire (good boots, gloves and rain gear)
  5. participant can get themselves to and from the property

Your days in the garden will be facilitated by Solara &/or Tayler of Hatchet & Seed.


To apply:

  • Email
  • Tell us what brings you to applying and how the experience will benefit you!


    Tayler & Solara


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